017SPARTACUS is immensely proud to be able to announce that Lucy Heckemann has been picked for the Swedish national team that will go to Vichy, France to play the F18 European Sevens Championship.

10 000 hours

Everyone who knows Lucy also knows how determined and dedicated she is. We have all been amazed by her determination in everything she does in life, and we are glad to see that it also pays off to work hard. Lucy is well on her way to invest the 10 000 hours that it takes to belong to the best, and now she will be able to test herself against really good competition, as Great Britain, Georgia and Russia will be in the same group as Sweden. 

Qualification round

The opening game for Sweden will be against Great Britain on the 29th of April, and then two more qualification games against Georgia and Russia on the same day. 

Vichy, France

The championship will be played in Vichy, France, and Lucys mother, Birgit Heckemann tells us that the family actually lived in France for a couple of years before the move to Sweden. - Lucy went to a mostly french speaking school there, so she's got Vichy covered!

Good Luck from SPARTACUS RUGBY, hit hard Lucy!

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